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About Us

Established in 1974, Enviro-Reps International has been serving the aquaculture industry for more than 40 years. From backyard koi ponds to domestic lakes to multi-hectare shrimp farms, we are here to help clean up your aquatic system with proven products.

Today's aquaculture specialists face serious problems such as environmental changes, pollution and diseases. Effective pond management is more important than ever. Enviro-Reps International's specially formulated products harness mother nature's power of bio-remediation, a process wherein a biological system (typically bacteria, micro-algae, fungi, and plants), living or dead, is employed for removing environmental pollutants from air, water, soil, flue gasses, industrial effluents etc., in natural or artificial settings.

The use of good pond management along with biological aquaculture products from Enviro-Reps International will minimize the pollution in shrimp ponds, hatcheries, ornamental ponds, lakes, and water features.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria. The aquatic environment thrives with a healthy balance of good bacteria that boost bio-remediation, reside in the fish and shrimp slime coats, and help keep the system in equilibrium.  

Use of antibiotics, UV sterilizers, algaecides, and water exchanges can reduce the good population of bacteria in the water. Our products introduce good bacteria to repopulate out of balance systems. 

Let Enviro-Reps help you increase your fish and shrimp yield, enhance your fish health, and clean your polluted water.