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Beneficial microorganisms in a liquid suspension. A dual action bioformula that removes toxic ammonia and reduces nitrite spikes.


Areas of application

Ornamental ponds, water gardens, fish tanks, race ways, holding tanks, and closed aquatic systems with less than 10 - 15% water exchange per day. 


Purpose of using product

  1. Remove toxic ammonia
  2. Reduce nitrite spikes
  3. Boost effectiveness of biofilter
  4. Avoid use of chemicals
  5. Improve water quality
  6. Increase beneficial microbial population



  1. Very low to zero ammonia
  2. No nitrite spikes
  3. Results in clean healthy water
  4. Important step in water quality management


Dosage rates

Seeding dosage:  This is the first and usually only dosage.  Apply 1 oz. per 125 gallons in ponds and aquariums over 740 F.  Ponds over 650 F have good reaction, but at a slower reaction time (generally 2 to 5 days in water over 740 F).  Anticipate doing a seeding dosage once a year in early spring.


Application instructions

Pour near water falls, pump outlets, filtration, and fountains where water movement will circulate product throughout system.  If system is equipped with a filter, pour half the dosage into the filter, half into the pond.  Ponds with none of the above should have the product poured evenly around the edges.


Handling and storage

Storage temperature of 40o F to 75o F is optimal.  Freezing should be avoided as it will change the look and smell of the bugs with a slight reduction in microbial count.  High heat (above 90o F) should also be avoided, especially long-term exposure.

Shelf life is 18 months under optimal storage temperatures.