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Rapid Klear Commercial
Rapid Klear Commercial

Rapid Klear Commercial

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Safe, non-toxic chemical coagulant/flocculent.  Binds and sinks matter, such as suspended clay particles, to the pond bottom where microorganisms (i.e. Superbugs), vacuuming, or water changes will remove the debris.


Areas of application

Ornamental ponds, water gardens, lakes, and closed aquatic systems with less than 10  - 15% water exchange per day. 


Purpose of using product

  1. Clear water of suspended matter
  2. Improve water clarity
  3. Improve water quality



  1. Results in clean healthy water
  2. Important step in water quality management


Dosage rates

1 oz. per 1000 gallons (1 gallon per 128,000 gallons)


Application instructions

Pour near water falls, pump outlets, filtration, and fountains where water movement will circulate product throughout system.  Spraying over pond surface is recommended.  If foaming occurs in pond, reduce with garden hose spray.   


Handling and storage

Storage temperature of 40o F to 75o F is optimal. 

Shelf life:  2+ years